Make life tough on bugs

The more hostile the jungle, the more difficult it is for bugs to survive. But will you come out unscathed?

amp templates

Welcome to the jungle! Danger might come from anywhere.

King Kong

Take care of anyone who nurtures tests, otherwise no one is safe from a raging nature!

Fuzz testing vs monkey testing vs gorilla testing vs mutation testing: what is random?

Regressions hatch dark plots in the shade of trees! Are you equipped to face them?

Regression testing vs regression-averse testing vs retesting: what to hunt?

Bugs have evolved. The hunt too!

Night vision of Predator
What proof to search with positive testing or negative testing?

Behavioral Tests

Unit testing & business testing together at the bottom stage of the test pyramid: a didactic path for developers and testers, dedicated to a better software quality through testing.

Behavioral tests : 5 W

Testing like hunting never ends...


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