Twins of legacy code

The tests that slow you down
everyday while coding are legacy.

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What to think of the test results?

The way tests pass or fail impacts on delivery quality and work management.

Test Result Quadrants

Legacy tests are RaFFISH

Six criteria to remember what tests should not be

  • REDUNDANT tests verify the same things,  then they break together and must be updated at the same time.
  • FRAGILE tests break not because of tested code but its external dependencies, and they are false positive.
  • FANCIFUL tests are written in another programming language than source code.
  • INCOGNIZANT tests do not identify the default origin.
  • SLOW tests are hesitated to launch and defer feedback.
  • HEAVY tests consume useless infrastructure.

From level #0 to level #3

Muffed, legacy, balanced or expandable tests? One level!
Visualize shapes of strategy per level below.

Maturity levels of testing

Added value over maturity

The added value of your tests depends on their maturity level.

Level #0

Muffed tests

Bugs make their law in such a way that delivering bugs would be more rightful than delivering features. In any case, end users think it.

Level #1                           

Legacy tests

Many wastes are rued while maximizing outputs & minimizing outcomes.

Level #2

Balanced tests

Learn the rules of the game to minimize outputs & maximize outcomes.

Level #3

Expandable tests

Expanding skills from learnings and capitalizing them in everyday artifacts.

Playing catch-up

from legacy code to balanced tests

Test correcting from level 0 to level 3: white box vs black box

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