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Creating software is nothing without mastering as for any craft.

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Technology Repository

An artifact to rationalise the use of technologies

Programming languages

One technology per matter
Choose which technologies must be used per programming language and for every test kind. Keep a place to watch promising technologies and another one to blacklist irrelevant technologies. Do the same thing for monitoring.

TestAsYouThink: executable guidelines for tests as first-class citizens!
TestAsYouThink is an open source software library in Java for testing purposes. It is designed as a fluent API that will change the way development teams write their unit and integration tests. It aims to take control over the coding practices as executable guidelines, from beginners to experts, to get high-quality tests.



Key concepts are essential to master software creation, so understanding theorical knowledge is as important as practicing.


Learning ways
Any training must include practical, little, focused exercises after every new concept in a slicing, step-by-step approach. Steps should be short to practice often. It is better if these exercises are fun.
"Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin.

Educational supports
Choose the more proper support to teach. Reading and listening are not enough, visualising is paramount. Play with words, shapes and colors. Didactic spikes are perfect to mix both theorical and practical matters.
And remember: "a good sketch is better than a long discourse." Napoleon.



In a workout, the travel prevails over the destination.

Rubik's cubes

The right workout to learn skills right
Many workouts are available to target skills at different levels, from introduction to improvement. Such workouts can be achieved either individually or collectively in coding dojos.

 Follow workouts in a global program to progress cleverly and to get better results.


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