A concept is rarely alone, but linked to many others.

Many bodies of knowledge, documentations, articles and books have been consulting to build GOST. The truth is often scattered, and even untruths contribute to it. Please find some of them below.

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Software Development & Design

- Manifesto for Agile Software Development

- Software Craftsmanship Manifesto

- Test-Driven Development (en / fr), Wikipedia

- Bug-driven development, Wikipedia

- Behavior-Driven Development, Wikipedia

- Introducing BDD, Dan North

A la découverte de l’ATDD – une pratique d’équipe pour le développement (1/32/3, 3/3)

- test && commit || revert, Kent Beck

- Gherkin Reference, Cucumber

- Hexagonal Architecture: three principles and an implementation example (en / fr)

- Référentiel des concepts, pratiques et compétences agiles, Institut Agile

- Le dictionnaire des développeurs,

-, thousands of tech definitions

- Design Principles and Design Pattern, Robert C. Martin

- YAGNI (en / fr), Wikipedia

- KISS (en / fr), Wikipedia

- DRY (en / fr), Wikipedia

- Définition de fini multi-niveaux, Claude Aubry

- Essential complexity (en / fr), Wikipedia

Software Testing

- Software Testing Dictionary, TutorialPoint

- ISTQB Syllabi and Glossary

    - Documents associés aux certifications ISTQB, CFTL

- The Testing Standards Working Party

    - Living Glossary

    - Integration, Interoperability, Compatibility and Portability

- Software Testing @ Guru99

    - Positive Testing and Negative Testing with Examples

    - Static Testing vs Dynamic Testing: What's the Difference?

    - Difference Between Retesting and Regression Testing

    - Difference Between Globalization Testing and Localization Testing

- Software Testing Help

    - What Is Localization Testing And Internationalization Testing (Simple Guide)

    - What is Software Compatibility Testing?

    - Portability Testing Guide with Practical Examples

- Tests en boîte noire, grise ou blanche : quelles différences ?

- What's Forced-Error Test

- Operational Testing

- Ping tests

- Wikipedia

    - Software regression

    - Software Performance Testing

    - Fuzzing (en / fr)

    - Mutation testing

    - Random testing

    - Edge case

    - Corner case

    - Faux négatif

    - Faux positif

    - System integration testing

    - Portability testing

    - Monkey testing

    - Acceptance testing

- What is failover testing?

- What is spike testing?

- Software Testing Fundamentals

    - Compliance Testing

- The Forgotten Layer of the Test Automation Pyramid, Mike Cohn

- Agile Testing Matrix, Brian Marick

- Using the Agile Testing Quadrants, Lisa Crispin

- The Realities of Software Testing, Ron Patton

- The Orange Code of ING

- The Testing Manifesto, Growing Agile

- Introducing Example Mapping

- Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Wikipedia


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