Quality in all nested delivery cycles

The tempo of testing is the overall, dynamic picture of quality management over time and deliveries.

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Testing over time

Target the right test at the right moment.

Galaxy of testing: cycles of testing for iterative and incremental software development

From idea to backlog

The quality of a software product starts with the way to build the product backlog: 5 kinds of item, 3 laws.

Quadrants of the Product Backlog

Law #1: Nothing Invisible

All is not functional, nothing is technical only: there is always a direct or indirect impact on users, positively or negatively. The poor quality of a product impacts on the time-to-market and the reliability of features, and therefore on the end user satisfaction negatively.

Law #2: Communicating Vessels

No hermetic barrier exists between the bottom and the top. When too much technical debt is accumulated, it becomes bugs directly visible to users. Some changes made in code in debt may be even enough to make a first bug appear. Moreover the degree of achievement while implementing complex user stories may depend on making proper technical topics before.

Law #3: Long Life

User stories and bug fixes deal with short-term goals, while technical topics and technical debt reductions deal with long-term goals. It is the reason why these last ones are so important.

From backlog to code

Distill the essential complexity in macro and micro-cycles and break the accidental complexity.

Expanded Behavior-Driven Development: cycle and loops
Iterative process of Test-Driven Development
Iterative process of Bug-Driven Development (BugDD)
TDD, BDD, ATDD decomposed: methods, skills, practices, principles or concepts

From code to product

Manage deliverables at all levels of granularity.

Radar screen of Definition of Done (DoD) with multiple levels of DoD

From product to organisation

As teams evolve and become mature, they inspect and adapt their definition of ready (DoR) and their definition of done (DoD) for continuous improvement. The DoR & DoD reflect the maturity of teams.

Definitions inspected and adapted for continuous improvement: DoR/DoG & DoD/DoS
Team maturity according to DoR & DoD

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