Quality in pipeline

Useful, well-thought processes are paramount to drive value flows right. Improve processes continuously and make continuous improvement a reality with practices for continuous recruitment, continuous integration, continuous delivery / deployment, continous learning.

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A better versioning workflow for better softwares: make the link between versioning, software quality and delivery.

Get started simple and smart.

GrootFlow simplified

No longer choose between branches for isolating changes and continuous integration. Make both.

Continuous integration with GrootFlow

Go to the next levels. And integrate Software Craftsmanship with version control.

GrootFlow: the complete versioning workflow

Embark upon an initiatory journey in five consistent steps to learn to version as a crafter.

Groot Flow journey of practices

How to version source code with TDD.


Continuous Recruitment

The way recruitment is thought out shapes the future of any organization.

Paradigm shift

How do you usually gauge candidates?

Paradigm reversal in recruitment

4 high-level Skills

Pay attention to all the qualities of candidates.

Map of skills

MoSCoW for Skills

Choose and share what is important for a given job in the considered organization.

MoSCoW for skills and recruitment

Fork ready to use boilerplates.

Live coding tests

French 4P Rule

The reasons to sign for a job today are the reasons to stay or to leave it tomorrow.

French 4P Rule
The French 4P rule. How many P for me? Stay or leave?

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